Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sameeksha Boasting Strong Oily Thighs

It is a blessing indeed for the ladies to have long and luscious legs so when they have it, they flaunt it to the maximum. And here is one such actress who seems to know what makes her tick among men. She is none other than Sameeksha and here she is with her hot pants on.

With an enticing pink color on her outfit and an innocently seductive look, Sameeksha is spread on the sofa like she is waiting to drop her bag and get into the act. Added to that, her shiny oily thighs are something that will be enough for men to see heaven by just touching them.

Sameeksha sure has scored strawberry points with her pink outfit and with a dusky shade of shining skin complexion, she sure has it in her to be termed as sexy hot bombshell. With a slender figure that can boast of no fat but just curves, Sameeksha sure is a red hot spicy girl!!!

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