Friday, January 15, 2010

Ramya Tempts Masses With Condom Ad

A hot commercial is hitting the theaters and that started from Bhogi day. This is purely for the masses who are ‘turned on’ with the ad. Well, this has the steamy and always ‘ready to expose’ Ramyasri, the hot actress who oozes a lot of lust in her expressions.

This time, Ramyasri came in with an ad and for the first few seconds the masses were not able to understand as to why Ramyasri is giving those hot expressions wearing saree a kilometer below the navel. It is only during the end of the ad they understood that she is promoting the usage of condoms of the ‘Ozomen’ brand.

Well, it looks like the demand for Ramyasri grows big among masses with this Adult-ad.

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